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HEALTH OUTSOURCING CENTRE is a one stop shop in providing outsourcing and consultancy services. We have partnered with professionals in different specialty that meets the different needs of the health sector. This services encompass training of staff (including management), develop business strategic planning, debt recovery, medical tourism, consultancy and web development. Our client organizations therefore find solution from one service provider who can assure quality as opposed to dealing with multiple service providers.

HEALTH OUTSOURCING CENTRE partners with health organization(s)/institution(s) & health professionals to provide an efficient and cost effective outsourcing service that enables them (partners) enjoy great benefits from cost savings to improved operational efficiencies that ultimately contribute to the overall organizational/institutional goals.

HEALTH OUTSOURCING CENTRE consolidates its expertise and network to create value to its client organization. Our belief is everyone should concentrate on their core business and deliver non-core businesses processes to organizations specializing in those (non-core processes). Our client organization will therefore be focused in delivering their primary objective, which is health care, while transferring the worrying and burdens of running a service/process to contracted professionals.

The company also owns and manages health information sites; and
Patient Data Management System
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